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Louis Saldenah

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Louis Saldenah was born in Trinidad & Tobago and came to Canada in 1970. He followed the footsteps of his father the legendary Harold ‘Sally’ Saldenah, one of Trinidad & Tobago most renowned Carnival band leader.

In 1977, he produced his first mas band ‘Shangri-la’ which went on to win the coveted Band Of The Year Honours. His exceptional organizational, management, financial and people skills, has propelled him to create the most spectacular parade presentations that Toronto has ever seen.

Louis’s creative life, growth and development of this art form have significantly contributed to the creation of this innovative art attraction which has grown to become Toronto’s “theatre in the streets” resulting in Toronto becoming host to one of the largest Carnivals in the world. Louis artistic vision and creativity have caused excitement, inspiration and joy to tens of thousands of Canadians, foreign spectators and masqueraders. Louis holds the record of 21 “Band of the Year” titles for Toronto Caribbean Carnival.