2019 band of band of the year

Thank you to the beautiful masquaraders, entertainers, and Saldenah Team  near and far that participated in this monumental and historic moment. Becoming the 20x  Toronto Carnival Champion is no easy task and could not be done without YOUR PASSION FOR MAS. We are humbly excited to present you many more years of enjoyment and success on the road. Rightfully so, we will set the streets of Toronto on fire in 2021!

We are the best because you are the best!

– Louis Saldenah

Toronto Carnival 2021 Presentation:
Fire is the symbol of Wisdom, Knowledge, Creation, Destruction, Transformation and Rebirth.

Fire also envokes Passion, Emotions, Love, Hate, Life, Sexuality, Hope and Eternity.


First Timers and Out of Town Travelers

Renaissance Carnival will provide you with a round trip from Philly, NYC, Hartford, Boston, or Baltimore to Toronto. We will take care of your seamless carnival experience by providing you with 4-star hotel accommodations, three premium events, bus transportation with wifi, power port, & bathroom, carnival costumes, and more. We handle all the heavy lifting on our end; all you need to do is make sure you’re there! We leave July 29th and return August 2nd.

This trip is perfect for those who want to experience a once in a lifetime getaway to celebrate a significant milestone in your life like a birthday, bachelorette party, or just a great time to hang out with your besties!

And right now, you can book your spot, before time runs out.

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